Nyhetsbrev fra IFSS

Postet av Norges Hundekjørerforbund den 1. Nov 2021

KSFSD Kazakhstan Sports Federation of Sled Dogs approved as Voting Member of IFSS 

I am very pleased to announce that a majority of IFSS Members voted in favor to approve KSFSD Kazakhstan Sports Federation of Sled Dogs as Voting Member. 

Welcome KSFSD Kazakhstan Sports Federation of Sled Dogs to IFSS! 

Helen Lundberg

IFSS President 


News from Anti-Doping Committee

A new education plan for DCO Dogs (Doping Control Officers)  has been created by Anne-Grethe Sætrang and Marianna Lund. The first class with six (6) new DCOs has already been organized in Norway.

IFSS Anti-Doping Committee will support and help all national member’s anti-doping responsible persons/committees to set up education of their own DCO personnel for testing dogs. Contact Anne-Grethe Sætrang for more information. Email: agzrang@online.no


Prohibited lists 2022

Updated prohibited list for humans and dogs will be published on the IFSS website. This list becomes effective starting January 1, 2022.


In the new WADA 2022 prohibited list: 

All injectable routes of administration are now prohibited for glucocorticoids during the InCompetition period. Examples of injectable routes of administration include: intravenous, intramuscular, periarticular, intra-articular, peritendinous, intratendinous, epidural, intrathecal, intrabursal, intralesional (e.g. intrakeloid), intradermal, and subcutaneous. The contestant mut also allow for a “wash-out” period prior to the InCompetition period.

For clarification, oral administration of glucocorticoids also includes oromucosal, buccal, gingival and sublingual routes. Dental-intracanal application is not prohibited. For more information see: https://wada-ama.us15.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b1807e279506be6f85bf0da1c&id=3b3a4c92c3&e=2ea6c9a87e