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The NHF office sells microchips for dogs. These should be implanted by a veterinarian who knows how to do it. There have been cases where athletes have implanted these chips themselves, and when we try reading the chip, we can’t find it. If the chips are not implanted correctly, the chip might disappear. A veterinarian always checks that the chip can be read with a chip reader both before and after insertion.

A dog who has had a chip implanted should rest for two days afterwards.

The chips purchased through NHF are not to be registered with DyreID (Animal Identity). Those who wish to register the dogs with DyreID have to buy chips from a veterinarian. The number series on the chips we sell are without country codes.

Use the form below to order chips. You have to be a member of a club registered in NHF to buy chips from us, and you need to live in Norway.

The chips must be paid for before they are shipped from the office. You can pay via online banking or with Vipps.


Price: 100 NOK per chip + shipping

Account number: 5134.06.06306

Vipps number: 100691


Please mark the payment with your name and what it is regarding.


Shipping price:

0 – 20 chips: 45 NOK

21 or more chips: 100 NOK


Chips are shipped out on Mondays and Thursdays.


Order form


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