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Sommerhundekjørerskolen EN



Sommerhundekjørerskolen/Summer Camp 2018

June 24th – July 1st

Skeikampen – Gausdal – Norway

Join Sommerhundekjørerskolen 2018, a gathering point for dog interested youth from 13 to 18 years old (born 2000-2005)! Adolescents from all over Norway and a handfull other nations meet up for a week of experience and knowledge exchange with some of the world best mushers and dog sporters as trainers. Sommerhundekjørerskolen (SHKS) contributes to bring the community together  across nationality and training practices. The week is packed with exciting and educational activitites, adapted both to the first time participant, as well as the ones who have participated earlier. Do you find dog sports and mushing interesting, and wish to see more possibilities for what you may do together with you dog? Then you are most welcome. The same goes for the ones already active in the sport, which wants support and insight in advanced training methods. We all gather here for a social and educational week, with among others hiking, scootering, mushing, canicross, games, competitions and the famous Sommerhundekjørerskolen relay!

Those who are able may bring their own dog which they under supervision from the trainers team are responsible for themselvses throughout the week. We do therefore recommend to practice this in advance. All kind and healthy dogs over 12 months of age following Norwegian rules are welcome. We would be happy to see a big variety of breeds. Considering the well being of all dogs at the campshall dogs in heat to left home. One is also welcome without a dog.

Also this year it has been opened for participants from other nations.

At the bottom of this page you will find contact- and registration information, packing list and other relevant documents.

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Practical information

The summer camp is located at

Address: Hotellvegen 3
Postal code: 2652
City: Svingvoll
Country: Norway

Non-Norwegian participants are offered transportation back and forth between Oslo Airport and the summer camp.
Please send information regarding your flight to the email stated under so we may organize it the best possible way.

First meetup on Sunday 24th of June at 16.00 by TRAINERS CABIN (more specific information to come). You will here get information about which cabin you are staying at, and time to get ready. First organized activity will be at 17.30.

Each participants may bring one dog. The dog has to be older than 12 months old, healthy and vaccinated according to the Norwegian laws, not in heat, and manageable by the participant.
Non-Norwegian participants may borrow a dog from one of the trainers. More information about this will be informed by mail.

The participants are living 4-8 people together in cabins. All dogs are in the night to sleep in cages in the cabin, or brought dog trailer. There will be a small freezer space in each cabin, in addition to a bigger shared freezer.

All dogs are to be kept in leash at all time according to Norwegian laws.


Activity leader- and Trainer 1 course

New of the year is that, in parallel with the Summer Camp, an Activity Leader and Trainer 1 Course will be arranged for those between the age of 18 and 21  years old (born 2000-1997). If you want to contribute with activity and growth to your local club, this is the opportunity for you to acquire trainer competence in a context where theory and practice are linked together in a course plan with the Summer Camp as an arena. More about the course content, focus and registration can be found under.

The registration fee covers course, food and housing during the whole stay. Participants will get a confirmation paper of finished course, but we may not register any non-Norwegian participants in any official certification register. The Activity Leader Course is from sunday 24th of June to wednesday the 27th (registration fee 2 100,- NOK). Trainer 1 Course wil be held from sunday 24th of June to sunday 1st of July (registration fee 3 900,- NOK), and consists first of the Activity Leader Course, and is continued from thursday on with more advanced topics.

The Activity Leader Course is a practical course with the aim of creating good activity leaders in the dog sledding sport, regardless of style. Participants get basic knowledge of how to succeed as a club in creating activities among children and youngsters with dogs. Participants in the course also get introduced to NHF’s new concept “Fun with dog”. The Activity Leader course is also the first part of the NHF’s coach education, and this must be done in order to move on to Trainer 1 Course 1 and then Trainer 2 Course.

The Trainer 1 Course  will provide an introduction to basic skills in dog racing, and how you as a coach can create good frameworks and a good environment in your own club. The course also provides a basis for higher courses and further education in the coach education of  the Norwegian Sleddog Racing Association. The goal is that the participants after this course shall be fit to participate as community creators and facilitators for children and young people as well as new recruits. An activity manager or coach plays an important part in raising awareness of their athletes and animal welfare, as well as helping them with information and tips and motivating them in the sport. Because we are dealing with dogs, we must relate to many actors outside the “sports family”. The activity manager or coach must therefore keep up to date with the current regulations and perform good positions. The goal of this education is that trainers who have completed and approved their trainer 1 education should: – be able to teach basic dog training, dog teams and self-training for all interested practitioners – be able to develop the physical, psychological and social characteristics at a basic level to all practitioners – Be able to take care of the needs of the athletes in a social, exciting and safe environment. – The trainer should have acquired: – In-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of dog training and training methods for children and adolescents. – Knowledge of key principles for the training and exercise of the dog sledding and young people – Skills in planning, facilitating, guiding and conducting training in a constructive and varied manner in accordance with the sport’s values.


Registration Summer Camp

Registration deadline 1. May

Registration Form Summer Camp 2018 is to be filled out and sent to

Registration fee of 3900,- NOK is to be paid upon registration and marked with “NAME + registration fee SHKS 2018”

Address: Sognsveien 73
Postal Code: 0855
City: Oslo
Account number: 5134.06.06.306
IBAN: NO61 5134 0606 306

Registration fee may be refunded until registration deadline. The registration fee may not be refunded after registration deadline.


Registration Trainer Course

Registration deadline 1. May

Registration Form Trainers Course 2018 is to be filled in and sent to

Registration fee of 2100,- NOK or 3900,- NOK depending on the chose course is to be paid upon registration and marked with “NAME + registration fee trainers course 2018”

Address: Sognsveien 73
Postal Code: 0855
City: Oslo
Account number: 5134.06.06.306
IBAN: NO61 5134 0606 306

Registration fee may be refunded until registration deadline. The registration fee may not be refunded after registration deadline.


Contact information

Please contact Mikal Lillestu for additional information
+47 47646963



Registration Form Summer Camp 2018

Registration Form Trainer Course 2018

Packing List Summer Camp 2018